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Straightening press RL 750

Straightening press RL 750

The straightening press is a technological device designed for straightening weldments.

The drive of the ram is hydraulic. The transverse drive of the ram travel and the drive of the longitudinal travel of the gantry on the leveling table is manual.

The straightening table is designed as a modular system. The required table length can be achieved by connecting several tables. The straightening table is equipped with holes for mounting lifting rollers and a large hole at the edge of the table for the possibility of pressing parts of cylindrical shapes.

Technical specifications  
Max. ram force in the middle of the gantry 750 kN (75 tons)
Max. force at the edge of the gantry 850 kN (85 tons)
Ram stroke 500 mm
Table width 2500 mm
Weight 7 600 kg
Power of the hydraulic aggregate 3 to 7,5 kW
Working pressure 160 to 280 bar
Press table dimensions (length x width x height) 2,5 m x 2,5 m x 0,8 m

Information sheet:
- Straightening press RL 750 (PDF)