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Suspended track

Suspended track

The suspended track is intended for the transportation of materials and workers in mining works with a minimum profile of 08 and a pitch of up to 30°.

The sections of the track are equipped with an articulated connection for mutual connection and suspension on the corridor reinforcement, enabling a vertical fault of the section of + –7°.

It is possible to use the traction of the winch or a suspension locomotive during transportation.

The suspended track is assembled of modular parts and consists of basic parts and appurtenances. We produce the suspended track and appurtenances in the following varieties – ZD 24A, ZD 24B.

The design of individual parts complies with the requirements set for the equipment of Class I, Category M2, for use in the underground parts of mines with a likelihood of danger from methane or combustible dust.

We offer a comprehensive solution and the following parts for the suspended track

  • Suspension track ZD 24 A
  • Suspension track ZD 24 B
  • Track suspensions
  • Universal track suspensions
  • Set of cabins for passenger transportation
  • Mobile hydraulic lifting gear MHZZ8 – DUO
  • Track anchoring
  • Connecting rods
  • Track
  • Points
  • Sanitary set
  • Control device KPBV 4
  • Stoppers
  • Load-bearing trucks
  • Load-bearing truck – mobile power station
  • Brake trucks BV1, BV1 – DUO
  • Mobile lifting equipment
  • Control device KPBV 5

Basic technical data

Track variant ZD24A ZD24B
Longitudinal profile I155 I155
Longitudinal profile 2,4 m, 3 m 2 m, 2,4 m, 3 m
Maximum loading capacity with 3 m section and spacing of load-bearing trucks 1.62 m, 2× 2,000 kg (with excess burden 2× 2,690 for a period of max. 20% of the continuous operation time) with 2 m section and spacing of load-bearing trucks 1.42 m, 2× 4000 kg
Max. tractive force of the traction vehicle 64 kN 120 kN with connecting rods in the 120 kN design
Truck loading capacity 2000 kg 4000 kg
More properties   Possibility of using higher load-bearing capacities when using the MHZZ lifting gear