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Machinery production

DCS-40 P3 Crushing Unit

The DCS-40 P3 crushing unit has a container design where the crusher frame is located on the container bearing frame. The container design in addition to an easier way of transportation with the help of vehicles modified for the transportation of containers of the CTS line.

The crushing unit is designed for crushing non-sticky, medium hard or hard construction debris, construction waste, concrete and less abrasive natural materials such as limestone, sandstone and similar materials with a pressure strength of up to 200 MPa.

Material to be crushed is transported by a loader to the feeding hopper. The hopper is equipped with a feeder with vibrators.

The crushing unit is a single-strut crusher with abrasion-resistant lined jaws, equipped with hydraulic positioning of the output opening of the crusher. The conveyor belt width is 650 mm.

Technical parameters  
Crusher capacity 10–40 tons per hour
Maximum strength of crushed stone 200 MPa
Inlet aperture 700 mm x 500 mm
Outlet aperture 20 – 110 mm
Maximum size of input material piece 500 mm x 400 mm
Flywheel speed 290 rpm
Total weight 12.300 kg
Total power consumption 44 kW
Crusher dimensions (length x width x height) 8,7 m x 2,35 m x 3,8 m
Hopper dimensions and volume 1,1 m x 2,5 m / 2 m³
Hopper edge height from ground with tilted sidewalls and removed 2,65 m
Crusher motor power 37 kW
Conveyor width 650 mm
Belt speed 1 m/s

Components for machines and equipment

We custom make machinery components based on the customer documentation.


We custom make welded components in a design and scope corresponding to the technological potentials of our plants and based on the customer requirements.

Rotating parts

We produce shafts, flanges, pivots, wheels and cogwheels in the scope of our manufacturing potentials.


We produce wheels with internal and external spur gearing with straight and helical gear and grind the teeth in the scope of the technological potentials of our machinery.

Production of fixtures and tools

We provide external services of our tool room section.