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Strojferr s.r.o.

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was established in 1997. The dynamic development of the entrepreneurial activities of the company is linked with the commencement of production activities after the takeover of the comprehensive manufacturing programme from the company FERRUM Strojírna, a.s. on 1 May 2001.

In a way, the company continues the long-term traditions of machinery production in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.


Mining production

OP5 and OP6 Benders

OP5 and OP6 Benders

The profile bending machines are manufactured in two varieties, OP5 and OP6, intended for bending and straightening the mining profile reinforcement used for reinforcing mining corridors to achieve a required radius bigger than 1 m.

They are also used for straightening and bending spatially twisted profiles. The economic return of these machines is very advantageous and provides the user with considerable savings in costs for the construction of mining works

Machinery Production

DCS-40 P3 Crushing Unit

Container design, where the crusher frame is located on the container bearing frame. The container design in addition to an easier way of transportation with the help of vehicles modified for the transportation of containers of the CTS line.

The crushing unit is designed for crushing non-sticky, medium hard or hard construction debris, construction waste, concrete and less abrasive natural materials such as limestone, sandstone and similar materials with a pressure strength of up to 200 MPa.

DCS-40 P3 Crushing Unit

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We are holders of quality certificates

Quality assurnace

Quality assurnace

The quality management system (QMS) ISO 9001 is the most sought-after quality control standard in the world,
with over a million of certified organizations in 180 countries around the world. ISO 9001 provides the quality control framework that companies can utilize to ensure quality of their products and services. Companies choose the ISO 9001 certification in order to prove that they adhere to high standards. This way, they reduce the likelihood of product defects and retraction from the market or suffering from service failures, ensuring their customers can trust them when purchasing.