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Profile benders

OP5 Profile Benders

The bender consists of two main parts. The basic bender with propulsion and working bender. The propulsion is electric via a gearbox and chain drive.

The profile pulleys with adjustable axial distance are driven by toothed gears. The loose pulleys rotate in slides, which are adjustable with adjusting screws.

OP6 Profile Benders

The bender is of simple construction, undemanding in terms of service and maintenance. It consists of a frame, propulsion, a set of driving pulleys of the corresponding profile, supporting cylinders, a cover and a source of pressure for the adjusting and movable pulleys.

The propulsion is electric via gearboxes and toothed gears. The profile driving pulleys rotate in slides, which are hydraulically adjustable.

Parameter OP 5 OP 6
Sections to be worked V21, V25, V29, TH21, TH25, TH29, K21, K24, K27, P28 V36, I120, I110
Max. bending moment 80 000 Nm 120 825 Nm
Max. plastic module of the section cross-section 134,2 cm3 197,6 cm3
Min. radius of the section bending 1 000 mm 1 500 mm
Electric motor power output 45 kW 55 kW
Operating voltage 380 V, 500 V 500 V, 1 000 V
Length 1 680 mm 3 614 mm
Width 1 600 mm 1 862 mm
Height 1 740 mm 2 607 mm
Total machine weight 6 445 kg 12 900 kg